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HP MSA 2040 ES SFF Chassis

HP MSA 2040 ES SFF Chassis

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Four host ports per controller to support both 8G and 16G SFPs

4 GB transportable read/write cache per controller.

Battery-free cache backup with super capacitors and compact flash

MSA 2040 supports SSD drives which allow IT managers to boost IOPS performance by >2x that of a similar volume located on traditional spinning HDDs.

Ease of management featuring browser-based out-of-band access. This allows a department or small company to effectively handle growing storage requirements, with the aid of an intuitive GUI to administer the unit with a minimum of complexity. Ideal for local or remote installations.

MSA 2040 comes standard with 64 controller-based snapshots and clone capability. Arrays also support an optional 512 snaps.

Choose either a low-cost single controller array or start with a configured dual controller array model to fit the budget, high availability, and performance needs.

All models feature a wide variety of drives: High-performance and high-speed SSD drives, enterprise-class SAS, and SAS Midline drives.

MSA 2040 can have a maximum number of MSA 2040 LFF drive enclosures (7), a maximum number of D2700 SFF drive enclosures (7), or mix both sizes. The array can grow incrementally from a few drives to 96 LFF or 199 SFF drives.

Vdisks can be spanned across multiple enclosures
RAID levels 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 50

Maximums vary by RAID levels: 2 drive max for RAID level 1; max of 16 drives for RAID levels 0, 3, 5, 6, and 10; max of 32 drives for RAID level 50

512 LUNs with LUN sizes greater than 40TB depending on the RAID configuration chosen. The maximum LUN size is 64TB

Non-disruptive on-line controller code upgrade (requires dual controllers w/ multi-pathing software)

Upgradable by design. Owners of a P2000 G3 array are able to do data-in-place controller upgrades to the new MSA 2040 array. This unique ability protects the earlier investments in drives, and JBODs. (Note: Certain limitation are applicable- please review MSA2040 Upgrade Technical Whitepaper before upgrading your P2000 G3 systems)
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